Month: April 2021

A Tough Job That Pays Quite Well: Being A Boilermaker

A boilermaker is responsible for constructing and manufacturing boilers using steel, iron, and copper. These boilers are designed to contain liquids and gases at high temperatures. This kind of careeris still hot, since many industries need and use high-quality boilers. The good thing about this career choice is that it is broad; a person who wants to pursue a career as a boilermaker can choose between the manufacturing and engineering area.

If your job involves boilers and other containers that have the capacity to bring heat to buildings, ships, and factories because of the hot liquid they contain, you can be called as boilermaker. The jobs that fall under it are boiler construction, repair trade, iron ship builders, forgers, and many more.

The tasks you need to know!

This kind of job has a lot of duties and responsibilities to take. One of which is to check and make an observation if the storages that hold heat like the boilers, vessels, and tanks are having leaks, and other defectives that need to be taken an action of repairing. They need to be skilled in using welding equipment and machineries that would have crucial role in replacing parts of the defective storage.

How to land on this job?

Not just their tasks are difficult, but also in achieving to become professional in this job takes a lot of courage and strength to get done. Just like any other welding jobs, this also requires a high school diploma that is of the minimum educational attainment. However, if you do not have one, you can just take a general educational development program to obtain a certificate.

Installation of the storages such as boilers and pressure vessels require great welding skills, so it is much better to get certifications that will benefit you when the time comes you must get yourself employed. Certifications such as Certified Welder, which can be of great proof that you have welding background and experience; Certified Welding Inspector, that can be said that you have improved your skills and knowledge about welding; and many more.

Another way to become a skillful one is to take on-the-job training programs because it is for certain that you will be able to get the proper lesson of installation techniques, maintenance and repairment of the defective parts of the boilers. How long it takes to finish depends on the program you are to take.

The salary it offers

It is highly believed that having this kind of career can lead you to the opportunity of a very good salary. Just be aware that the salary it offers depends on the certifications and experience you have. The average salary one can get yearly is around $60,000.

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