Month: October 2021

Are There Different Types Of Welding Helmets? Which Is Best?

When it comes to welding, every person knows that nothing is more important than the safety of the welders. That’s why it is highly important for a welder to not forget the essential gears he has to wear before going to work, particularly the welding helmet.

The question is this – why is wearing a helmet greatly important to the welder? First, of course, wearing a helmet would ensure the utmost safety of the welder every time he is at work. Also, since it does not fall off your head easily, it basically becomes an extension of your body.

Different Types of Welding Helmets

Welding helmets don’t come off as a single variety. There are numerous types of welding helmets that differ according to the materials used, functionality, and many others. Some notable types of welding helmets are the following:

  • Passive welding helmets – This is often considered the most basic type among all the welding helmets. Unlike the other types, this is not modernized in design. However, it’s been greatly known for its effectiveness, protecting its wearer from moving objects, extreme heat and radiation.
  • Auto-darkening welding helmets- Its main feature is the ability for it to automatically adjust its lens according to the wearer’s surroundings.
  • Solar-power lens helmet – This was created as an answer to the concerns that most auto-darkening welding helmets depend on batteries to work, and wouldn’t work well once the batteries ran out.
  • Battery-powered helmet – This helmet makes use of a rechargeable battery made of lithium. This  helmet is ideal for welders who often work on complex projects, where adjusting one’s helmet lenses manually would be quite a hassle.
  • Fixed-shade lens welding helmets – From the name itself, it functions as an opposite of the auto-darkening helmet, as it only has one fixed shade. This is ideal for welders working on a single project.
  • Variable-shade lens welding helmets – Unlike the fixed-shade lens helmet, this type has the feature that enables the lens to adjust to various sorts of light emitted during a welding activity.

Which Welding Helmet is the Best?

Every welding helmet has its own features and special functions. For that, there will be many differing opinions about the best helmet you must buy. But in the end, the choice of the best helmet to buy should still be based on your workplace, projects, safety and preferences.

The Welder Guy